Hello, I'm Ley. welcome to my sketch blog.

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Hey you guys!

I have been dying to play a choose your own adventure style game. 
It reminded me of what I played with The GG’s. by any chance, do any of you remember what that game was called?

The new Activity board-

Makes me so sad.

I know I’m never really on, but I have no fans and no notes whatsoever. 
And duuuude I have been so out of it lately. Corn got side tracked-ded. and for any GG’s that watch me here, I really have to talk to most of you or not depending. 

MermaidOlogy- DumpsterTalk- Know it all.

Sketchy sketch

Addison and Leonardo. 

edited version because it hides my mistakes better. 

The man named, Leto.

I tried. 
well. here are the turtles pretty much naked. hahaha. 
just trying to figure out how to draw them.
Leo an Raph never come out right. 


Hey, how old are the turtles? And who’s oldest (in order)? I’ve wondered this forever and I bet it says in the comics. Dang it.


Leonardo is the oldest. Raphael second, Donatello and then Michelangelo.
They’re all Fifteen. the oldest they got in the comics was Twenty Five. 
Donatello did research for how long they would live being fresh water turtles and found out that they would only live 35 years.
I have a twin sister and we used to fight over the Two minutes older thing for awhile, (not anymore of course, hahaha) I can see them fighting over that as well.
of course when Donatello died in 2k3, he was around Twenty-ish. 
his brothers were said to have lived for over their due dates before they died at the hands of shredder After saving the world from his Rule.
I’m confused really. I don’t see an older turtle in all seriousness. 
they’re all the same age in the end.
sorry for the long winded Reply. aheh. 

(Its easier to see if you zoom in, but you might go blind)
working on a way to draw the Turtles starting with Leonardo. 
My style looks so weird with them. Its kind of unappealing isn’t it? 
so what do you think? 


Let’s play “Will Nik finish this?”

I’m halfway through drawing Tab/Corn though hahaha

Based on that iPod CM everyone and their grandmas have seen

duuuuuude i love your art, the colors and lines and the everything is just so niceeeeee

(better quality zoomed in)

a girl asked me if Corn was a demon on the blogs now as well. 
I said no, and if there were to be a Demon. 
he would not be him. 

Originally I was going to post this on Ask-Corn, but I chickened out and put it here instead…..because I am not good enough…..one day man.
one day.

a year of Ask-Corn everyone. missed it by two months though.
but here you go. Terrible art from the beginning to now. 

Something I should have done a long time ago. 
as you can see, I’m not good at this.